Alltech has done quite a bit of work for us; installed a rock planter around our pool, installed a dog door, took care of a flood, hung various pictures, repaired out door light fixtures, etc. and every job has been done quickly and professionally. I was especially pleased with the work he did for a flood we had. A year ago our hot water heater flooded our bedroom, I called a so called ‘professional’ water extraction company. They charged thousands and didn’t replace or repaint the baseboards, replace the pad, or relay the carpet. My insurance told me this was normal. So when we had the misfortune of a backed up bathroom that flooded into another room I called Alltech based on the great work he had done for me previously. He did everything the other company did, plus the pad, baseboards, paint, etc for less than half the price. Needless to say I was thrilled. Todd the owner is a great guy and my kids and family love him. He will always be our go to guy for any repairs or upgrades we need done.