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Do you have a hole in the wall that you would like repaired? In many cases, your drywall may become damaged.  There are a variety of reasons that this may happen.  It may be result of an accident, a plumbing or water leak, mold, or maybe you were doing some renovations or repair.  Whatever the case may be, our professional handymen can help you!  Whether it’s a simple patchwork job or a major wall repair, our handymen are equipped to do the job.  Alltech Construction has been serving the Cedar Park, Leander and Lago Vista area for over 25 years.  Give Alltech a call if you’re looking to save on your next home repair project.  Our handyman will come out and make your walls look new again.  We will professionally spackle, mud & tape, and paint over the damaged wall to make it look as if there was never a damage repair. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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