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Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace – Cedar Park • Leander • Lago Vista, TX

Electric fireplace inserts have increased in popularity among Texas homeowners in recent years.  They have similar functionalities to free-standing stoves, but are fitted into an existing fireplace system. Fireplace inserts don’t take up any additional floor space when installing.

An electric fireplace insert can greatly improve the heating efficiency of your Texas home and can reduce the pollutant exhaust created by traditional fireplaces. They also have a reduced impact to the environment. Fireplace inserts have a closed system of combustion resulting in a slower burn, lower emissions, and more efficient fuel usage. They are the most eco-friendly option, as they can be connected to a 120-volt outlet and do not produce any emissions.

Installation Service for Electric Fireplace Inserts

Are you interested in installing an electric fireplace insert for your home?  Alltech Unlimited can help!  We provide professional installation services for customers in the Cedar Park, Leander and Lago Vista area.  Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

Electric Fireplace Insert Installation Company

Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric Fireplace Insert